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Thermal Analysis

The Micromeritics ASAP 2020 is a porosimeter capable of carrying out surface area analysis and pore size distribution analysis on a wide range of substrates. In addition it is also capable of carrying out chemisorption analysis using a range of analyte gases such as argon and carbon dioxide.

PL Thermal Sciences STA 625

As the name of the 625 suggests, this is a Simultaneous Thermal Analyser and the temperature range is ambient to 625oC. The two standard modes are run in flowing nitrogen or flowing air. Gas dosing experiments are also possible, for example using a base probe to investigate acid sites. The standard sample size is 10mg.

Netzsch STA 409

This is also a Simultaneous Thermal Analyser. However, currently it is set up as a TGA. In this configuration the range is ambient to 1300oC. With the STA sample carrier in place the range is from ambient to 1600oC. Again the standard analysis can be run in flowing nitrogen or a mix of flowing nitrogen and air. High oxygen concentrations can be run with special arrangement. In STA mode the sample size is 10mg. In TGA the sample size can be up to 3g with a very important proviso. The large scale system is designed for samples that lose little weight hence the need for a large sample, it is not designed for large samples that lose most of their mass.

TA Instruments Q2000 mDSC

This is a modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter. The range is from -100oC to 300oC. However the top temperature a sample can be run to is governed by the decomposition temperature of the sample. This is determined by running a sample on the STA 625. Sample size is governed by type. For polymers 10mg is ideal, for simple organic molecules 5mg is enough. A range of different pan types is available, choice is governed by sample type and information required.


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