SAM project article one of BMJ Health & Care Informatics top ten most-cited papers published in 2019

News | Posted on Tuesday 21 December 2021

An article from the SAM demonstrator project has been named one of the top ten most-cited papers published in BMJ Health & Care Informatics in 2019.

Line drawing of a clinician by a patient's bedside

This month, the British Medical Journal Health & Care Informatics announced their most-cited articles published in 2019, and we're delighted that an article written by the SAM demonstrator project team is in the top ten.

"Human factors challenges for the safe use of artificial intelligence in patient care" is written by Mark Sujan, Dominic Furniss, Kath Grundy, Howard Grundy, David Nelson, Matthew Elliott, Sean White, Ibrahim Habli and Nick Reynolds, as part of the project. The paper argues that consideration must be given to how artificial intelligence (AI) will be incorporated into clinical processes and services. The authors assert that human factors research should accompany the development of AI from the outset.

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Mark Sujan continues his research into the use of human factors in AI in healthcare through another AAIP demonstrator project: human factors in the design and use of AI in healthcare. This resulted in a white paper published by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors: Human factors and ergonomics in healthcare AI.