New AAIP report for Institute of Manufacturing

News | Posted on Friday 30 August 2019

Dr Richard Hawkins and Professor John McDermid have written a briefing paper for the Institute of Manufacturing on assuring the safety of autonomy in manufacturing

The Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS), on behalf of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF), commissioned Policy Links, IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS), of the University of Cambridge, to explore the safety and security implications of new technologies. A series of papers has been published recently looking at how the fourth industrial revolution is changing manufacturing.

The main report, OK Computer, aims to:

  • summarise the emerging safety and security risks and requirements for manufacturing, in the context of 4IR, based on a review of the international evidence
  • offer insights into strategies and practical steps adopted by national governments and industry stakeholders to address emerging risks and requirements
  • indicate priority areas for future work suggested across the literature

It has two supporting papers, which provide deeper insights into key areas: one is written by Dr Richard Hawkins and Professor John McDermid, looking at safety assurance of autonomous systems.

Find out more and download the report