Review of legal frameworks, standards and best practices in verification and assurance for infrastructure inspection robotics

News | Posted on Wednesday 1 July 2020

New report provides single point of reference on the safety, regulatory and liability issues for operating inspection robots in the EU

An inspection drone flying over a motorway

As part of our work with the RIMA project (Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance), we are pleased to launch a new report which both describes the state-of-the-art and the well-known normative frameworks for assuring the safety of robotics for inspection and maintenance and examines the regulatory and legal liability issues related to operating them.

With no single framework currently in place to regulate robotics technology in Europe, different types of robots may be subject to various laws or regulations at the international, European Union and Member State levels, depending on where they operate. These regulations include legal standards and industry guidelines on the robot technologies themselves and on the developers, manufacturers, suppliers, and operators that must be met before these new technologies can be legally and safely deployed.

This new report captures the best practices for achieving safety assurance, meeting existing regulatory standards, addressing legal risks, as well as dealing with potential liability issues.

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