Contribute to the safe introduction and adoption of RAS as an AAIP Programme Fellow

News | Posted on Wednesday 24 April 2019

AAIP is looking for applicants from industry, academia and regulatory organisations for our visiting fellowships.

As a representative of industry, participation in the AAIP provides me with valuable access to cutting edge research that I can transfer back into my day-to-day work."

Dr Simon Burton, Programme Fellow

 Programme Fellows engage with our vibrant research group and contribute to the strategic development of the Programme. Each fellowship is unique, contributing to the international community that is collaborating to solve the challenges of the safe introduction and adoption of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS). We welcome applications from across the globe and from any of the stakeholder groups involved in addressing the issues faced.

"By bringing together a range of contributors, including academia, charities, government and industry, the AAIP is well positioned to address an urgent problem from a pragmatic perspective, without sacrificing a sound theoretical basis."

Rob Ashmore, Programme Fellow

Programme Fellows contribute in one or more of the following areas:

  • Defining Critical Barriers to Assurance and Regulation (C-BARs) that help to focus the Programme, and to provide results that are usable cross-domain
  • Analysis and certification frameworks for systems using artificial intelligence
  • Design and assurance principles for systems using learning and artificial intelligence
  • Dynamic risk assessment frameworks for systems that learn in operation
  • Structuring and populating parts of the Body of Knowledge
  • Writing joint publications and further proposals for collaboration
  • Developing a strong community of interest and practice

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