AAIP joins the Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

News | Posted on Monday 18 November 2019

Last month the Assuring Autonomy International Programme (AAIP) became the newest member of the Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAAiH).

AAIP is joining more than 90 other partners working together to safely and ethically translate the most advanced AI technologies into real-world health services.

“The safety of systems using artificial intelligence (AI) is important in every domain, but none more so than healthcare, where decisions made by a system using AI can have a patient safety impact,” said Dr Ibrahim Habli, a senior lecturer with AAIP, who is leading the partnership with AAAiH.

“We know that collaboration is the only way to solve the challenges of assuring the safety of autonomous systems, in healthcare and other domains. We are delighted to have joined the AAAiH and look forward to working with the other international partners to ensure AI is used to its full benefit in a way that is safe, ethical and trusted.”

“Collaboration with AAiP will enable us to leverage the state-of-the-art methods in safety-critical software systems. In the longer term, we look forward to contributing to the overall evidence base for assuring and regulating AI across domains via the healthcare demonstrators that AAAiH is researching,” said Professor Enrico Coiera, AAAiH Lead.

AAIP will support the Safety, Quality and Ethics Program at AAAiH, helping to ensure that those accessing health systems receive safe and ethical care from AI-enabled services.

Notes to editors:

About the Assuring Autonomy International Programme

The Assuring Autonomy International Programme is advancing the safety of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) across the globe. It is a £12million partnership between Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the University of York that is working with an international community of developers, regulators, researchers and others to ensure the public can benefit from the safe, assured and regulated introduction and adoption of RAS. The Programme is addressing core technical issues underlying the assurance of RAS, supporting industrial demonstrator projects, delivering training and education, and creating an online Body of Knowledge that will reflect the evolving state-of-practice in assuring and regulating RAS.


About the Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

AAAiH has an international membership with national goals. Established in late 2017, AAAiH has over 90 national and international stakeholder organisations who have come together to build a singular national research and translational community that has the capacity to translate AI advances into a sustainable AI-enabled healthcare system in Australia. The Alliance has attracted global and local partners capable of developing leading edge research, technologies and resources alongside the industry leaders delivering them and the health services implementing them. Our members cover academia, government, consumer, clinical, and industry organisations along with health provider partners covering both primary and tertiary care.