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CELT Trinity Teaching Qualification


6th June- 1st July and 5th - 30th September 2016

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Free English Lessons

14:00-16:00, each weekday from 6th June-1st July 2016
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£25 deposit refundable on course completion

One to One Writing Advice

Writing Advice Sessions - available to all students from Week 6

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Pre-sessional Programmes

Applicants still needing to take an English Language test

  • Applicants who still need to meet an English Language condition should book and take an IELTS test at a UKVI approved centre as soon as possible. A list of approved test centres is available from the UKVI website.



Tuition fee

University English 1

11 April - 17 June 2016


University English 2 
This is a combination of University English 1
followed by the 8 Week General Level Pre-sessional  
11 April - 7 September 2016  £5980

10 Week Postgraduate Management Studies Pre-sessional

7 July - 14 September 2016  £3320

8 Week Undergraduate Management Studies Pre-sessional

14 July - 7 September 2016  £2660

8 Week General Level Pre-sessional

14 July - 7 September 2016  £2660

8 Week Higher Level Pre-sessional

14 July - 7 September 2016  £2660

8 Week Lower Level Pre-sessional

14 July - 7 September 2016  £2660

8 Week English Language Teaching Pre-sessional

14 July - 7 September 2016  £2660

4 Week Pre-sessional 

17 August - 14 September 2016  £1330

Academic English

English for Academic Purposes courses

CELT offers a range of courses for University of York students


Early Research Writing for PhD Students
Global Networking
Study Speaking
Study Writing

Your department

Some departments have arranged for CELT to deliver specialist courses and workshops. Provisional arrangements have been made to run courses for the following departments:

  • Language & Linguistics
  • Management Studies
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Archaeology
  • Computer Science
  • Electronics
  • Management Studies
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Education
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Social Policy


Check with your department office for details. It is easy to underestimate the workload that you will have in your department, so we recommend that students take only one CELT course per term. 

Modules for Credit

Modules for Credit

The Centre for English Language Teaching offers five credit-bearing modules for students at the University of York.

Four of these modules are worth 10 undergraduate credits (level 6 H), the equivalent of 5 European Credit Transfers. The other, Transcultural Communication, is worth 20 credits (level 6 H), the equivalent of 10 European Credit Transfers.

These modules are suitable for all University of York students and in particular for Exchange and Visiting students, who can select them as part of their degree programme. They may also be chosen as electives by York-based students. They are not recommended for students who already have a full taught timetable within their home departments, as such students are unlikely to be able to meet the workload associated with the course assessments. However, PhD students, who do not have short-term deadlines, may find these modules practical to complete and a useful addition to their Skills Forge portfolio.

Modules for CreditCredits
English as an International Language 10
English Language, British Life 10
Study Speaking 10
Study Writing 10
Transcultural Communication 20

Writing Advice Sessions

One-to-One Writing Advice Sessions

The Centre for English Language Teaching offers writing advice sessions to help with academic writing.  

We can help you with:

• Grammar and syntax

• Clarity of expression

• Voice and tone

• Issues with logical sequencing and linkage between sentences and paragraphs

• Ambiguity

• Repetition