Tropical peatland climate resilience: transforming governance of climate risks for poverty reduction in Indonesia, Peru and the Congo Basin


This project develops novel governance actions that can transform the resilience of poor and marginalised groups to better manage climate risks in the peatlands of Indonesia, Peru and the Congo Basin; areas that represent the majority of tropical peatland area and emissions globally.

Aims and Objectives

The project builds social science and interdisciplinary capacity in the international tropical peatland community, leading to co-production of an interdisciplinary climate resilience research agenda; and develops innovative governance approaches that integrate social science on ecosystem markets with natural science and engineering technologies for peatland restoration, to transform governance and reduce vulnerability to climate risks.

Prof Lindsay Stringer (YESI & Dept of Environment & Geography)

Prof Ioan Fazey (Dept of Environment & Geography)

Principal Investigator:

Prof Mark Reed (SRUC)


Dianna Kopansky (UNEP)

Carly Maynard (SRUC)

British Academy (Knowledge Frontiers call)

Euridice Honorio (Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana)

Haruni Krisnawati (International Tropical Peatlands Centre, Indonesia)

Suspense Averti Ifo (Marien Ngouabi University, Republic of Congo)

Corneille Ewango (University of Kisangani, DRC)

Margarita del Aguila (Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana, Peru)

Sue Page (University of Leicester, UK);

Tom Curtis (3Keel)

Ian Kendrick (University for the Third Horizon)