The ancient rivalry between York and Lancaster comes to a head at the largest inter-university sporting competition in Europe.

This year we were back on home soil to face Lancaster, where we fought to regain the Carter James Trophy.

The 2019 event took place Friday 3 May to Sunday 5 May. As well as a very competitive game of netball, the opening ceremony included performances from societies, a speech by actor Mark Addy and a fireworks display over the lake.

Over the weekend we competed in over 50 disciplines, from archery to octopush. As well as rugby, cricket and football, we were fencing, climbing, dancing and shooting for the win.

Games and live scores were streamed by our student media teams on the official Roses live 2019 website across the entire tournament.

Roses is brought to you by YUSU (York University Students' Union).

Roses 2019 - watch YUSU's amazing trailer!

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