The ancient rivalry between York and Lancaster comes to a head at what is traditionally the largest inter-university sporting competition in Europe.

Each year, Lancaster Students' Union (LUSU) and University of York Students' Union (YUSU) take turns in hosting the contest, which sees hundreds of students travelling between campuses to compete, watch, and support, all while raising money for charity.

Both Roses 2020 and Roses 2021 however, look a little different to traditional Roses contests.

Virtual Roses 2020

Due to the pandemic, Roses 2020 went virtual. Participants, (including the VC), took part at home, while raising money for Age UK, Cancer Research UK, and other charities.

Roses Unlocked 2021

Roses 2021 will go ahead this year, consisting of two elements: digitally-assisted fixtures, which can take place online or with digital assistance in person, and a Pentathlon Team Event. Students will be able to watch fixtures at YUSU's two outdoor venues, The Forest and The Lakeside Tap, and via an online platform, meaning you can support your teams safely wherever you are.

The chosen charity for York students to support during Roses 2021 is York Mind, while Lancaster will be raising money for Lancashire Mind. There will also be plenty of ways for students to raise money for other charitable causes if they want to.

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