Green Impact


Green Impact

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation programme run with the help of the NUS as part of the University's Carbon Management Plan. It aims to recognise and reward the University staff members’ green habits at work. The programme provides easy-to-implement actions contained in an online workbook that help to make the workplace more environmentally friendly and they are tailored to support some of the wider sustainability projects that are being undertaken at the University, such as the mixed recycling system.

Students can get involved by working as a Green Impact Auditor - in the spring term we offer IEMA approved auditor training for students, which allows you to carry out audits on behalf of Green Impact. You will visit the participating departments and review the actions they have implemented, providing guidance if necessary.

We also have roles available as Green Impact Project Assistants – you take part in a day-long training course and then are allocated a staff Green Impact team to work with over the course of the year, helping out with the actions or the workbook.

Your department may be interested in getting some help with their Green Impact Project – get in touch with Green Impact or your department's Green Impact team leader to see if they would like some volunteers.

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