Accessibility statement

Promoting activities

Talk to your supervisee about their life at University and encourage them to take part in non-academic activities.

Encourage students to become involved in activities outside of academic work to help reduce pressure and stress.

Session checklist

Non-academic activities could take many forms, including: 

If your supervisee plans to undertake a placement or internship, remind them of the key people in their department they should engage with before their departure and on their return.


By taking into account all aspects of your supervisee’s life at university, you will be helping to achieve the following outcomes for students:

  • Students often feel a greater sense of belonging to the University when they become a member of a smaller community, for example through their college, club or society. This plays a major role in our newer students settling in to university life quicker.
  • By enjoying the emotional and physical health benefits that come from being members of clubs and societies and playing sports, students are likely to be happier and healthier during their time at York, leading to better results and improved satisfaction.
  • Through encouraging your students to take part in non-academic activities, you are helping them to develop strategies to reduce stress levels at an early stage. Less negative stress should mean better long term results.
  • By recommending your supervisees find ways to gain additional experience, you are helping them develop their personal skills and improve their employability prospects.