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Flipped learning

Flipped learning’ is one approach to blended learning design. In ‘flipped learning’, one-way delivery of content, such as some forms of lecturing, are moved online for students to consume in their own time. Synchronous online or in-person contact time can then be used for more active, collaborative, or applied learning activities.

When designing flipped learning approaches, it is useful to consider active learning principles in the independent learning phase and do more than provide a link to a pre-recorded mini lecture or reading resource.  Learning activities that enable students to engage with the content and learn through doing something with it such as problem solving, discussion or a creative task are more likely to support engagement and provide a more effective start point for face-to-face sessions.

The ‘flipped learning toolkit’ provides a concise, searchable introduction to the core principles of flipped learning, and how to approach introducing flipped learning to your module or programme of study