Accessibility statement

Module content / syllabus

The content of the module should cover everything necessary to enable students to achieve the learning outcomes. This does not necessarily mean that all aspects of every topic need to be delivered in contact points; it is perfectly acceptable that some topics, or parts of topics, should be addressed through guided independent learning. The module content can be broken down into a syllabus: the key topics, concepts and areas of learning that will be addressed within a module.  When developing the module content, it can be useful to explicitly consider how the resources will be deployed within activities to guide students towards successful achievement of the learning outcomes. This places the focus on learning activity rather than solely the delivery of teaching, and helps to align the planning process to the learning outcomes.  

There are multiple options available for sourcing or creating resources for use online and some of these are outlined in section 3 of the TEL Handbook - creating resources, along with key considerations including accessibility and copyright. 

For further help with creating accessible digital content please also see the digital accessibility @ York - guidance for staff web pages.  These include information on using Blackboard Ally for guidance on accessible content creation and the provision of alternative content formats, as well as guidance on using accessible Maths within the VLE.