Accessibility statement

Designing your VLE site for the module

An accessible VLE site structure provides you with an opportunity to make the sequence of activities through the module explicit to students as the module progresses. Ideally, the VLE site will have a clear ‘instructional layer’ built into the site itself and this can be supported through announcements and other forms of asynchronous communications as the module progresses. The navigation structure and design will also be clear and consistent. Designing your site in this way sets out to provide a clear ‘road map’ guiding students through the asynchronous resources and activities and highlighting the connections to synchronous sessions. Inclusivity and accessibility are improved and any students who miss particular sessions or blocks of sessions are more likely to be able to stay on track.

Guidance is provided in the following sections of the TEL Handbook:
1. Baseline use of the VLE
2. Module site design, structure and layout
The VLE Transformation project website provides information about the upgrade to Blackboard "Ultra".