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Cycle the Solar System

York’s solar system model

There’s lots to see and do along the solar system model. The track is a wonderful nature reserve with many different species of trees along the way, and an abundance of wild life to see and hear.  Remember too that this was once a railway line.

There are several good pubs not far from the track, most of which serve good food.

Between Mars and Jupiter lies Brunswick Organic Nursery  - a productive workplace for adults with learning difficulties. They sell a wide range of plants and also supply refreshments.

Naburn bridge is an old steam-powered swing bridge.  If you climb down to the river bank under the bridge you can still see where the steam engine was housed.  On top of the bridge was a signal box where the signalman could watch out for barges coming up the Ouse to York.

Naburn station is one of two stations on the solar model. Here at Naburn some of the station buildings survive and it’s a good place to stop for some refreshment in the cafe, which is often open in the summer months.  Here you can admire the 1/3 scale model of the Cassini probe.


The old Escrick station lay beyond Uranus and just before Neptune. Nothing remains of it now except for the cutting in which it stood. the track actually goes above the cutting which has been turned into a small grass maze.

Beyond Pluto is the model of Voyager I, the first man-made object to leave the solar system.  The model is 1/3 actual size, the same scale as the Cassini model at Naburn station.


We have a couple of quizzes that you can try!  A short quiz and a long quiz.

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