Join us for an evening of rapid-fire entertainment as a troupe of York scientists takes to the stage with music, comedy, stories and tales of research.

Our science cabaret takes place from 6pm to 7.30pm, with each act having just eight minutes to make you laugh, think or cheer. Open to all, it's most suitable for those aged 12+.

Here’s just a flavour of what’s on offer:

Astrology - even the stars say it’s nonsense

Astrology is a load of rubbish but even people that know this might still have a gander in the newspaper or check if they really should be dating a Leo. Full time physicist and occasional bad science sleuth James Lees is here to tell you exactly why, even taken on its own terms, astrology is nothing but hot air.

Zap! Selectively targeting cancer cells with radiotherapy

When treating cancer, you want to kill as many cancer cells in the body as possible, but limit the collateral damage to surrounding healthy cells. Radiotherapy is a form of cancer treatment that uses high-energy rays to do just this. Louise Murray, Katherine O’Mahony and Vani Ramasamy show you how it works in a fun and interactive way!

Could it be magic?

Where is the line between science and magic? Where does alchemy end and chemistry begin? Is our presenter Annie Hodgson a wizard or a chemist? 

Plus Fusion reactors and space elephants with Yorick Enters, Bootstrapping the Battle of Britain: the maths of what if with Jamie Wood - and so much more!