Right Noetherian and coherent monoids

News | Posted on Thursday 12 August 2021

Professor Vicky Gould, a member of our Algebra Research Group, is beginning work with her collaborator Professor Nik Ruškuc of the University of St Andrews on their new project “Right Noetherian And Coherent Monoids”. This three year project is funded by EPSRC and focuses on finiteness conditions for monoids and semigroups.

The use of finiteness conditions to study and classify algebraic structures has been enormously influential in the development of algebra. The project focuses on finitary conditions related to monoid actions, which naturally entails a study of certain compatible relations (rather than substructures). Professor Gould says “This is an ambitious proposal to first develop mathematical machinery, then use it to solve a number of long-standing open questions for monoids, and finally apply our research to cognate areas. We are looking forward to working as a team with Post-Docs Matthew Brookes and Craig Miller”.

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