The YUSU / Library Tree of Wishes is here!

News | Posted on Friday 24 November 2023

Our Tree of Wishes is back in the Morrell lobby area, this year supporting two local charities: SASH and Changing Lives. 302 gifts is the total from last year we're trying to beat!

A Christmas Tree surrounded by gifts
Last year's haul

What is the Tree of Wishes? 

Every year the library works with one or two of YUSU's chosen charities to provide Christmas gifts they can distribute to the people they support. York staff and students buy gifts and put them under the tree, then we take them to the charities in mid-December for them to distribute in time for Christmas Day. 

It's one of our favourite things to do in the library because people are so generous, and over time you see the pile of presents getting bigger and bigger under the tree as we get closer to Christmas! Last year we have to box some up early because there was so many, it was amazing to see. University of York people are the best people. 

What do I need to do? 

If you want to take part, here's what you do: 

  1. Go to the Tree in the Morrell (it's under the big picture of JB Morrell, on Floor 0 opposite the stairs) and look through the various tags to choose a present to buy - pick one to suit your budget 
  2. Take the tag away with you and source the present 
  3. Wrap the present up and - this is crucial - stick the tag on the present so the charities know what they have! 
  4. Put it under the tree 

We'll do the rest. 

If you're unable to buy a gift this year you can still help, by telling your friends about the Tree of Wishes, sharing this News item, reposting our Instagram videos about the project, and generally helping people find out what we're doing! 

Which charities are we working with this year? 

There are two charities (you'll know which charity you're buying for because it's written on each tag) for 2023, SASH and Changing Lives.

SASH are charity based in York, preventing homelessness in young people aged 16 to 25 throughout North and East Yorkshire. On average they help over 300 young people each year. Find out more on the SASH website.

Changing Lives supports people facing the most challenging of circumstances to make positive and lasting change in their lives, and the charity works on over 100 projects in England, and lead the Drug and Alcohol Service for the City of York. Find out more on the Changing Lives website.  

How long do I have to get my gift under the tree?

We anticipate that we'll need to put all the presents in the van and take them to the charities on December 13th, so please get your gifts under the tree by then... 

As always, a huge thank you for all your generosity!