Professor Charlotte O'Brien wins prestigious Legal Academic of the Year Award

News | Posted on Friday 11 November 2022

Congratulations to YLS Professor Charlotte O'Brien who won the prestigious "Legal Academic of the Year" at the "Inspirational Women in Law Awards 2022" on Tuesday 1 November 2022.

Charlotte is the YLS Equality and Diversity Champion for the Law School, but she also - along with the brilliant Dr Alice Welsh - looks after The EU Rights and Brexit Hub based here at the University. This is a legal action research clinic, supporting organisations working with EU nationals in the UK, while producing an advice-led ethnography, documenting the cases that they encounter.

The Inspirational Women in Law Awards seek to identify individuals from across the legal profession who are leading the way in improving equality and diversity. The awards recognise those who are both excelling in their areas of practice and are working for the changes needed to ensure women working in the law are able to thrive. The awards are part of the "next 100 years" programme - a project dedicated to achieving equality for women in law.

In giving the award to Charlotte, the Next 100 Years team said: "Charlotte is a pioneering legal academic. She is working to develop legal action research methods that provide legal advice to frontline advisers with complex welfare cases involving EU citizens.

"This award recognises her pioneering and inspirational work in the legal academic field, and we are delighted to announce her as the Legal Academic of the Year for 2022."