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Katharina Klug, MSc in Forensic Speech Science 2013-14

What are your research interests / what are you working on?

I am interested in comparing recordings in speaker comparison cases and to provide profiles of speakers. It is amazing to analyse speech in its minimal segments and to describe individual characteristics, like voice quality features.

What is your favourite module and why?

I really enjoy the forensic laboratory sessions in which we are working with real case recordings. Also the phonetic classes are the weekly highlights.

Why York rather than somewhere else?

York is the only place worldwide to study MSc programme in Forensic Speech Science. It was not hard to decide to go to York.

How has your experience at York broadened your horizons as a linguist?

My ears are now trained to hear minimal differences in various languages of the world. However, it is completely new for me to produce those sounds. This shows my progress.

What’s the level of support like from staff and the department as a whole, are they receptive to feedback?

The whole department is great. Lecturers really care for their students and want as much feedback as they can get to improve the course.

What has been your favourite aspect of living and studying at York so far?

York is a beautiful city. It is small and fascinating and I would stay forever if I could. The MSc course is pretty much like York. This year we are only 11 students from all over the world. There is a good learning atmosphere, since we all have different scientific backgrounds and support each other.

What do you feel is the most important thing you will take away from your experience at York?

I am learning how to analyse recordings and how to write case reports but I suppose the most important thing are the connections, since the forensic speech science world is a really small one.