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Update for network security

Posted on 21 November 2022

On Tuesday 29 November, in order to maintain network security, we will be renewing the certificate that ensures your devices securely connect to the network.

This certificate validates that the network you are connecting to is provided by the University. You may need to take action on each device you connect to the wireless network (eduroam) or to the student wired network.

Personal and unmanaged devices

For devices that have been configured using the UoY Setup, eduroam CAT, or geteduroam tools, you should not need to do anything at all.

For devices that have been configured manually by simply entering your username and password, you may see a message similar to this (the screenshot below was taken from Windows 10):

Continue connecting?

If you expect to find eduroam in this location, go ahead and connect. Otherwise, it may be a different network with the same name.

Some devices may ask you to accept a new certificate. You should confirm that the certificate serial number and fingerprint displayed matches the details below (eg with the “Show certificate details” link in the above screenshot) before accepting it. If this is the case and the device connects successfully there is no further action required.

Certificate details
Subject: C = GB, ST = North Yorkshire, O = University of York, CN =
Issuer: C = NL, O = GEANT Vereniging, CN = GEANT OV RSA CA 4
Serial Number: 9a:1a:a9:fe:28:1e:ef:05:e5:ab:8b:2b:c3:d2:e1:e5

SHA-256 fingerprint: 73:d1:70:0e:d9:ea:f4:4c:e1:fb:aa:90:d8:e2:92:dd:30:1b:32:09:31:f9:33:e7:d6:08:b4:2d:27:52:32:de
SHA-1 fingerprint: e4:d5:ea:e7:36:67:06:6c:c6:21:70:98:90:93:f5:b4:e7:fc:2a:c8
MD5 fingerprint: 65:c1:d7:97:ae:fe:e1:83:f1:bb:22:16:1c:b1:5b:75

However, if you aren't able to connect then you will need to forget the network entirely and repeat the setup process:

Managed Windows devices

"Legacy" Windows devices managed by Active Directory won’t require any changes. Devices managed by Azure AD might require users follow the instructions above for unmanaged devices.

Managed Mac devices

Follow the instructions above for unmanaged devices to get reconnected.

Managed Linux devices

No user action is required.

If you have any questions please contact IT Support:

Phone: +44 (0)1904 32 3838