Accessibility statement

Downtime for internet access: Tuesday 23 June

Posted on 15 June 2015

We're carrying out work to upgrade our internet connection - this will mean internet access is briefly unavailable.

On Tuesday 23 June, we're carrying out work which will affect access from the campus network to the internet and external access to the University website.

Between 7am and 7.30am we will be replacing the hardware that connects the University to Janet (our external internet provider). There will be a loss of internet access for around 1-2 minutes at the start of the process, and access is likely to be intermittent throughout.

This will affect the whole University and all services that require an internet connection. External users connecting to the University via the internet (eg to use the University website, WebVPN or VDI) will also be affected.

There will be no impact for external organisation that connect to Janet in our datacentres (ie organisations that peer with Janet directly and do not connect in any way to the campus network).

If you have any concerns about this work, please contact us: