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Celebrating 200,000 problems resolved & questions answered

Posted on 2 March 2015

We're celebrating 200,000 queries in six and a half years.

Since we introduced Footprints in August 2008, we’ve used it to deal with around 120 issues every day. Some of them are routine - passwords to be reset, devices to be added to the network, requests for software licence codes - but others are far less so, and offer us the chance to resolve complaints, to fix seemingly intransigent problems, or introduce someone to a new tool that transforms the way they work.

So, when we saw our Footprints issue numbers creeping up beyond 199,900 we spotted the opportunity to celebrate 200,000 issues resolved (and counting!) That figure was passed on Wednesday 25 February, and the owner of that enquiry is to be rewarded with a £25 gift voucher.

As you may already know, we now send random satisfaction questions to people who’ve raised queries with us, and we’re pleased to say that 94% of those who reply are completely satisfied with the service we offer. If you have any comments, these are always welcome - you can find out how to submit feedback at:

More information on how we've responded to feedback across the Information Directorate is at:

Meanwhile, we will progress onwards and upwards to issue 300,000!