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English and Related Literature at York is unlike any other English degree. We have a unique approach to what literature is and does, how we read it, how we write about it, and even how we make it. 

The study of English brings both the pleasures of reading and the challenges of understanding human culture: it offers access to a vibrant array of literature and ideas, and asks students to embrace new ways of thinking about the world and new possibilities of expression. 

No discipline equips its students better to understand and interpret a wide range of texts, whether literary, historical, political, or social, or to formulate articulate and persuasive responses to a range of challenges and questions. Our courses are designed and taught by world experts working at the cutting-edge of their fields.

Course information

We offer a stimulating range of courses: single-subject English, and combined courses with the Departments of History, History of Art, Language and Linguistic Science, Philosophy, and Politics. 

Whichever course you study, you’ll choose your English modules from a range that covers literature from the ancient classics to the 21st century.

Our courses

Course titleDurationUCAS Code
BA English 3 years Q300
Combined degrees
BA English/History 3 years QV31
BA English/History of Art 3 years QV33
BA English/Linguistics 3 years QQ31
BA English/Philosophy 3 years QV35
BA English/Politics 3 years QL32

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English students enjoying books in the city centre

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