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Psychology and individual differences in language learning/teaching

This strand focuses on psychological factors that may influence learning and teaching processes, and learner engagement and achievement. Factors include beliefs and individual differences including identity, motivation, attitude, working memory capacity and aptitude.

  • Anxiety and foreign language learning in Saudi Arabia (PhD student: Rolla Massri)
  • Effects of individual differences in declarative and procedural memory on the acquisition of English articles (PhD student: Jelena Horvatic)
  • Cross-linguistic influences and cognitive individual differences in the processing of English wh-movement constructions by near-native speakers of English (PhD student: Li Yin)
  • English language communication apprehension and employability among final-year undergraduates in Malaysia (PhD student: Farihah Mazmi)
  • English language learning strategies and strategy instruction in Bangladesh (PhD student: Tasnima Aktar)
  • The English language learning motivation and identity of Chinese students (Lin Liu, PhD student)
  • Identity in foreign language learning and teaching (MS Word , 4,177kb) (Florentina Taylor with Emma Marsden, Vera Busse, Carl von Ossietzky University, Germany, Barbara Roosken, Fontys University, the Netherlands; and Lubina Gagova, University of Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Identity perceptions amongst international MA TESOL students (MS Word , 4,176kb) (Florentina Taylor with Margaret Hearnden and Martin Lamb, University of Leeds)
  • Improving the perceived relevance of Modern Foreign Languages in Year 9 (MS Word , 4,176kb) (Florentina Taylor with Emma Marsden and Chris Kyriacou)
  • Individual differences and cognitive processing in L2 and L3 acquisition under two different learning contexts (PhD student: Li Yin)
  • Investigating learner autonomy in a Saudi Arabian context (PhD student: Noha Halabi)
  • Japanese children’s L2 identity development (PhD student: Keita Takashima)
  • Language learning motivation in L1-English adults during an Italian beginners' course (PhD student: Liviana Ferrari)
  • Charting the first hours of foreign language learning in the classroom (MS Word , 4,177kb) (Leah Roberts with Emma Marsden)
  • The study of positive psychology and self-determination of Chinese students in learning of English as Second Language at UK Universities (PhD student: Winfred Wing Fung Mak)

CASLE staff

Emma Marsden, Department of Education
Leah Roberts, Department of Education
Bimali Indrarathne, Department of Education

CASLE students

Tasnima Aktar, PhD student, University of York
Liviana Ferrari, PhD student, University of York
Noha Halabi, PhD student, University of York
Jelena Horvatic, PhD student, University of York
Lin Lui, PhD student, University of York
Rolla Massri, PhD student, University of York
Farihah Mazmi, PhD student, University of York
Keita Takashima, PhD student, University of York

Associated members

Vera Busse, Carl von Ossietzky University, Germany
Barbara Roosken, Fontys University, the Netherlands
Lubina Gagova, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Margaret Hearnden, Freelance
Chris Kyriacou, Emeritus Professor, Department of Education
Martin Lamb, University of Leeds