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Spoken and written discourse in educational settings

This area of research focuses on language use in a variety of educational settings. There is a strong focus on issues of communication, culture and teaching.

  • A comparative study of meta discourse in the academic writing of Turkish (L1 and L2) writers and British (L1) writers (PhD student: Erdem Akbas) 
  • Comparing IRF across instructional settings: Opportunities and limitations (Jan Hardman with Beatrice Szczepek Reed and Darren Reed, Department of Sociology, York).
  • Determining the language needs of medicine students at the faculty of medicine, Tripoli University. Libya (PhD student; Abdusalam Zbida)
  • Instruction in music masterclasses (MS Word , 4,178kb) (Beatrice Szczepek Reed with Darren Reed, Dept of Sociology, York, and Elizabeth Haddon, Dept of Music, York).
  • Verbal interactional patterns in communication and study skills classes for University of Botswana first year students (PhD student: Golebamang Galegane) 

CASLE staff

Jan Hardman, Department of Education

CASLE students

Abdusalam Zbida, PhD student, University of York
Golebamang Galegane, PhD student, University of York

Associated members

Darren Reed, Department of Sociology, University of York
Elizabeth Haddon, School of Arts and Creative Technologies, University of York