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Classroom-based language learning, teaching and assessment

Researchers within this topic investigate teaching practices, teacher education and the classroom language learning of adults, young adults and older children, as well as distance learning. A range of subprojects focus on foreign language teaching and learning of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation; intercultural communication; classroom interaction; classroom intervention; computer-assisted language learning (CALL); English for Academic Purposes (EAP); Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL); identity and motivation; and the evaluation and development of course materials.

  • Anxiety and foreign language learning in Saudi Arabia (PhD student: Rolla Massri)
  • The diversification of foreign language provision in the UK (PhD student: Abigail Parrish)
  • Effects of individual differences in declarative and procedural memory on the acquisition of English articles (PhD student: Jelena Horvatic)
  • Engagement with Research among Foreign Language Teachers: A Workshop and Survey (Emma Marsden with Rowena Hanan)
  • The English language learning motivation and identity of Chinese students (PhD student: Lin Liu)
  • English language listening strategies and strategy instruction in Bangladesh (PhD student: Tasnima Aktar)
  • English textbooks for senior high (PhD student: Hamzah Ilyas)
  • eTasks - Computer-mediated communication and task-based language learning (Zoe Handley)
  • Identity in foreign language learning and teaching (MS Word , 4,177kb) (Florentina Taylor with Emma Marsden, Vera Busse, Carl von Ossietzky University, Germany; Barbara Roosken, Fontys University, the Netherlands; and Lubina Gagova, University of Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Improving the perceived relevance of Modern Foreign Languages in Year 9 (MS Word , 4,176kb) (Florentina Taylor with Emma Marsden and Chris Kyriacou)
  • Investigating learner autonomy in a Saudi Arabian context (PhD student: Noha Halabi)
  • L1 interference in Indonesian EFL students’ L2 writing (PhD student: Dewi Rosmala)
  • Language learning motivation in L1-English adults during an Italian beginners' course (PhD student: Liviana Ferrari)
  • Learner and teacher beliefs (Joe Fagan)
  • Investigating the use of interactive whiteboards (MS Word , 4,177kb) (Zoe Handley with Catherine Walter and Ernesto Macaro, both Department of Education, University of Oxford)
  • Charting the first hours of foreign language learning in the classroom (MS Word , 4,177kb). British Academy (Leah Roberts, with Emma Marsden).
  • The role of explicit information in remapping meaning in a second language: An experimental intervention study (Kevin McManus, with Emma Marsden, ongoing until October 2016)
  • The Standard-Based English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools (KSSR): teachers' perceptions and classroom implementation (PhD student: Nor Haslynda A. Rahman)
  • The teaching of reading to young second language learners in a foreign language setting (Annie Hughes)
  • The usefulness of explicit knowledge about language for primary school MFL learners (PhD student: Rowena Hanan)
  • Using a task-based approach in teaching conversation in the EFL classroom (PhD student: Khalid Ibrahim Mohammed Alahmed)
  • Using e-collaboration in the teaching and learning of English writing in Indonesian schools (PhD student: Herri Mulyono)
  • Verbal interactional practices in small group teaching and learning in HE (MS Word , 4,175kb) (Jan Hardman)

CASLE staff

Andrzej (Andy) Cirocki, Department of Education
Joe Fagan, Department of Education
Zoe Handley, Department of Education
Jan Hardman, Department of Education
Bimali Indrarathne, Department of Education
Irena Kuzborska, Department of Education
Chris Kyriacou, Department of Education
Emma Marsden, Department of Education
Leah Roberts, Department of Education

CASLE students

Tasnima Aktar, PhD student, University of York
Khalid Ibrahim Mohammed Alahmed, PhD student, University of York
Liviana Ferrari, PhD student, University of York
Noha Halabi, PhD student, University of York
Jelena Horvatic, PhD student, University of York
Lin Liu, PhD student, University of York
Rolla Massri, PhD student, University of York
Herri Mulyono, PhD student, University of York
Abigail Parrish, PhD student, University of York
Nor Haslynda A. Rahman, PhD student, University of York
Dewi Rosmala, PhD student, University of York

Associated members

Vera Busse, Carlvon Ossietzky University, Germany
Barbara Roosken, Fontys University, the Netherlands
Lubina Gagova, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Catherine Walter, Department of Education, University of Oxford
Ernesto Macaro, Department of Education, University of Oxford