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Literacy, biliteracy, L2 reading and writing

We are interested in reading and writing processes in those who know more than one language, and in how people learn to read and write in a second language (L2). Irena Kuzborska examines the development of academic reading by focusing on both the cognitive aspects of learning to read and social and political contexts within which readers are situated. Joe Fagan looks at the effects of training on writing in academic English in prospective postgraduate students, with particular reference to modality.

  • Cross-orthographic influences on the acquisition of Chinese hanzi in learners of Chinese as a second language (PhD student: Haiwei Zhang)
  • Implementing English for Specific Purposes in a Taiwanese university (PhD student: Fen-Ju Cheng)
  • L1 interference in Indonesian EFL students’ L2 writing (PhD student: Dewi Rosmala)
  • Learner writing (Joe Fagan)
  • Plagiarism at UK HE institutions (PhD student: Steve Gow)
  • Reading and writing in new academic environments: Longitudinal study of international students’ practices (Irena Kuzborska)
  • Social Literacy Maintenance Practices and Ethnic Identity Affiliation in Nepalese Migrant Families (PhD student: Nettie Boivin)
  • Strategy Intervention to Enhance Reading Comprehension in Mexico (PhD student: Alaidde Berenice Villanueva Aguilera)
  • Using e-collaboration in the teaching and learning of English writing in Indonesian schools (PhD student: Herri Mulyono)

CASLE staff

Irena Kuzborska, Department of Education

CASLE students

Fen-Ju Cheng, PhD student, University of York
Steve Gow, PhD student, University of York 
Nettie Boivin, PhD student, University of York 
Alaidde Berenice Villanueva Aguilera, PhD student, University of York
Dewi Rosmala, PhD student, University of York
Herri Mulyono, PhD student, University of York 
Li Yin, PhD student, University of York
Haiwei Zhang, PhD student, University of York

Associated members

Marianna Kaimaki, Centre for Advanced Studies in Language and Communication, University of York