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Bilingualism and bilingual cognition

We are interested in the effects of knowing more than one language on cognition. Danijela Trenkic and Annie Clarke are investigating calendar processing in Chinese-English bilinguals. Norbert Vanek examines event conceptualisation processes in Czech-English and Hungarian-English sequential bilinguals.

  • Aspects of bilingual cognition: do L2 users perceive bodyparts and word order differently from monolingual native speakers? (Vivian Cook with Miho Sasaki, Keio University, Japan and Fatih Bayram, Newcastle University)
  • Calendar processing by English and Chinese speakers (Danijela Trenkic)
  • Language of the street: an investigation of street signs in terms of writing system, semiotics and multilingualism (Vivian Cook)
  • Event segmentation, component selection, temporal structuring and linearization of contextualised events (Norbert Vanek) 

CASLE staff

Danijela Trenkic, Department of Education

Associated members

Miho Sasaki, Keio University, Japan
Fatih Bayram, Newcastle University
Vivian Cook, Newcastle University