Analytical Facilties

The Department of Chemistry is able to offer its state-of-the-art expertise and equipment to help external organisations deal with chemical problems and to collaborate on joint research projects. We offer a wide range of analytical services:

  • Analysis of many types of sample
  • State-of-the Art equipment
  • Expert service
  • Rapid, reliable and confidential results
  • Interpretation available

Useful analytical information relating to the types and quantities of different atoms in compounds, the determination of molecular weights and molecular formulae, the structure and bonding in molecules, and the identification of impurities can be obtained by single-technique or multi-technique analysis.

We have a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical equipment operated by highly skilled personnel who are supported by academic experts in all of the techniques.

We welcome enquiries at an exploratory level when we can offer advice on the best methods of analyses or on the use of a specific technique. All enquiries are treated in strict confidence and we send back results by email on a routine basis within 48 hours of receiving the sample and instructions. If required, we can provide a more rapid response to meet your needs.