Accessibility statement


The Departmental Chromatography Service offers access to both gas and liquid chromatography. An extensive suit of GC’s is available with a selection of columns that allow for analysis of a variety of volatile analytes including the separation of chiral compounds.

Currently four systems are available to carry out liquid chromatography, two of these systems are also set up for preparative HPLC. The available detectors on these instruments are variable fixed wavelength, diode array, light scattering and mass spectrometry coupled with several different phased columns allows for the separation of most compounds from small molecules to small proteins including some chiral enantiomers.

All of the instruments go through routine maintenance and undergo regular service by an external body. This ensures that reproducibility is constantly maintained. Users can be assured of high quality results.

The service can be used in two ways. The first being to submit samples alongside a method for analysis by one of the technicians on the team. The acquired data will be returned in an easy usable format once run. The second is for the user to undergo training on the instrument they require and therefore use it at their convenience.

There is no charge to internal users for using the chromatography service.



Ms Amanda Dixon
Tel: +44 (0)1904 323056

Dr Scott Hicks
Tel: +44 (0)1904 322530