Practice Education in Social Work: Stage 1

Course content

You'll gain the knowledge and skills you need to support undergraduate and postgraduate Social Work students undertaking a practice placement. On completion of this award, you will be able to work independently with students on their first placement. 

This award will also allow you to progress to Stage 2 of the training.

You'll study:

  • Preparing and planning to take a student
  • Supervision
  • Assessment
  • Direct observations
  • Facilitating reflection
  • Understanding and working with anti-oppression and anti-discrimination
  • Managing students who might be failing.

Teaching and assessment

The course includes periods of formal teaching, private study, time in your role as an enabler and assessor of a student's practice, and periods where you will prepare work for assessment.

  • You'll spend a total of 4 to 5 days in training, which will include activities that may be online or in person. You'll normally need to arrange these as day release from your employer.
  • You'll also need to complete around 40 hours of private study and spend time planning and delivering practice learning experiences with your placement student.
  • The course is assessed through a portfolio, which includes a preparatory assignment (accredited only applicants) and a reflective assignment (all applicants). You will have to complete this within 10 months of the start date of your student’s placement. 

Fees and funding

The level of fee you'll pay depends on which type of course you do:

  • Accredited (including 20 masters level credits) : £500 
  • Certificated (non-accredited) : £420

We'll request payment once we've received your application form and will invoice you directly. If your employer is paying for your course, please provide their details with your application form. 

You are required to have a fully qualified and experienced PE Mentor to support you while working with your student. The University can suggest a PE Mentor if your organisation does not already employ an appropriately qualified individual. PE Mentors may charge for this service.


Please email for the enrolment form.

When completing the form please pay particular attention to:‌

Your programme

  • Programme title: Practice Education in Social Work
  • Intended qualification: stage 1
  • Mode of attendance: part-time
  • Year of programme: n/a

Contact Details 

You must complete the following sections:

  • Term time address - insert your home address 
  • Mobile number - supply a mobile phone number
  • Off-campus email - supply an email address (work email or personal email)
  • Home address - insert your work address
  • Confirmation statements and signature

Course payment

If your employer or sponsor is paying the course fees on your behalf, provide their details and an invoice address on a separate sheet.

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