We are working to introduce a new system and processes for engaging, paying and managing casual workers.

Our objective is to ensure compliance with employment legislation while reducing the time and effort spent on the administration of casual workers.

What will the benefits be?

  • We will have a robust method for collecting, storing and monitoring Right to Work evidence and compliance with visa rules and restrictions
  • Workers will benefit from easier registration, a single point of evidence validation and faster payments
  • We aim to ease the pressure on hiring managers and administrators, who are on the front line of compliance
  • Data and information about casual workers will be more easily accessible and auditable

Achieving these goals needs the support and input of staff across the University. By working together we will maintain our status as a Trusted Sponsor and be organised in the most efficient and effective way.

Ensuring compliance

Understand our current processes for using casual workers

Project timeline

What we're planning, and when we expect it to happen

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