From October we will no longer be able to create retrospective bookings.

As advised in our training, all casual work must be booked in advance.

If your worker cannot complete their registration and right to work check before starting work then they cannot do the work.

What if my worker will not be in York until the day of the work?

To ensure your worker can do the work on the day you can:

  1. Arrange a remote right to work check for the worker
  2. Have the worker visit HR first thing on the day of work. You will also need to:
    • Create the booking ahead of time
    • Have the worker complete their online registration ahead of time
    You will then be able to add them to the booking in time for them to work.
  3. Choose a worker who is already registered to do the work.

Find more details about these options in our Help Centre.

Learn more in the Help Centre

We have an online Help Centre with sections dedicated to supporting casual workers and departments.

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