When you send a question or request to HR Services, we handle it using our helpdesk software, Zendesk.

The Help Centre is where you can log in to review and update those requests.

When a request has been recorded, you will receive a reference number and a link to view your ticket online.

You don't necessarily need to use the Help Centre - you can normally respond to us and update your ticket using email.

However, the Help Centre can be a useful way of reviewing requests you have sent to HR, especially if you have several tickets open at once.

The Helpe Centre also contains support articles for some of our HR systems.

Log in to the Help Centre Use your usual username and password

Sharing your tickets with other staff

For some tasks (such as recruitment, contract changes or leaver notifications) we will automatically copy in your department's main HR contact so that they are updated about any staffing changes.

Where necessary, we also copy in staff who need to authorise your requests.

We don't copy other people in on private questions or requests.