Progress with our new casual worker booking and payment system, Dashboard

The main objective of the Casual Worker Compliance Project is the introduction of a new system — Dashboard — that will help us meet our compliance requirements for casual workers.

So far this year the team has been working with departments to conduct user-acceptance testing with staff, and to update them on the roll-out plan at dedicated briefings and through the User Group.

We are now approaching two key stages in the project:

  • April/May: launch of casual worker bookings in Dashboard, for work from September 2019 onwards
  • September: launch of worker claims, approval and payment in Dashboard

What happens next?

Registration of existing workers
Workers will need to be registered on Dashboard in order to be booked for work.  We will contact the majority of active workers offering them the chance to ‘re-register’ between early April and mid-May.  Current workers registering on Dashboard during this period won’t require any additional right-to-work checks.

Before we contact workers about re-registration, we will be asking departments to let us know of any ‘VIPs’ — workers who have an important relationship with the department and who may be inconvenienced by the registration process. We will create their records in the new system on their behalf.  We will only be able to support a limited number of ‘VIPs’ in each department, and will discuss this directly with each department.

Each department will require at least one trained user. A two-hour Dashboard training course (LMS) has been developed, with bookings being arranged by the project team in conjunction with departments to support a staged roll-out.  Initial training is expected to start in March and run until May.

Once trained, departments will be able to start using the system to create bookings.

What can departments do?

  • When contacted, departmental representatives should engage with the project team about training, configuration and re-registration
  • Contact Darren Geary, Project Manager, if you have any concerns or questions at
  • Continue to send casual workers needing to register to work to the Careers and Placement Office (open 10am—3pm), with their passport and/or visa documents
  • If you haven't already done so, take part in our casual worker pulse survey at