Ensuring compliance with legislation for all casual workers at York

We have recently been in touch with departments recently about the new process for engaging and managing our Tier 4 student workers. This change is an interim measure to ensure continued compliance with our employment obligations whilst we work on a long-term solution, which will be delivered by the Casual Workers Compliance Project.

We’d like to tell you a bit more about the project, why we’re doing it and how it will affect you and your department.

Our vision

Our objective is to ensure compliance with government legislation for all University casual workers. Achieving this goal will require the engagement and support of staff across the University.

We aim to reduce time and effort spent on managing casual workers and free up more time for teaching and research activities in academic departments. By introducing a new system and processes for engaging, paying and managing casual workers we aim to ease the pressure on hiring managers, who are on the front line of compliance.

The project will deliver a robust method for collecting, storing and monitoring Right to Work evidence, supported by HR. Casual worker engagements will be booked in advance and their hours will be monitored. Data and information about casual workers will be more easily accessible and auditable. Our casual workers will benefit from easier initial registration, a single point of evidence validation and faster payments.

By working together to achieve this change, we will enable the University to comply with government legislation, retain its status as a Trusted Sponsor and be organised in the most efficient and effective way.

Next steps

The first phase of the project is to procure a new IT system for managing casual workers. Hiring managers in academic departments have already contributed to the tender requirements and are represented on the evaluation panel for the new solution. We’ll update you again soon.

How you can help

Throughout the Casual Workers Compliance Project we’re going to talk regularly to hiring administrators so that we can understand your requirements for the new solution. We’d also like to talk to hiring managers. Hiring managers make the decision to engage a casual worker so it’s critical that they also have an opportunity to shape the solution.

We need your help to identify the hiring managers in your department. Please use this Google Form to provide their names. We realise that some of you may be both hiring manager and administrator. In which case, you can list your own name.