Procuring a new system to help manage casual workers

Back in June, we told you about a project being run so that the University continued to meet our legal obligations around the use of casual workers, while reducing the time and effort spend by staff and workers on managing these arrangements.

Finding a system to help manage casual workers

The first phase of this project has been the procurement of a new IT system to help us manage the process. Since June we've been talking to staff involved appointing and paying casual workers about this work, and inviting them to attend system supplier demos during July.

The attendance of staff at these demos was really helpful. The scores, feedback and questions provided helped the evaluation panel to reach a decision about a preferred supplier.

Some of your questions and comments were items for the Project Team to consider, and we've pulled together our responses in a Google Doc.

Next steps

Later this month, the University Executive Board will approve the preferred supplier, a workflow model and a finalised budget for the project. We expect to be able to share the outcome of the tender with you in September.

In the meantime the Project Team is doing some planning and preparation in anticipation of starting the implementation phase in September.

In response to feedback from hiring departments we'll be setting up a Project User Group and a community of Project Ambassadors to work with us throughout the lifecycle of the project. Keep an eye out for more information on these initiatives.

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