Worker registration open · Departments to start booking workers

New worker registration
Following a period for existing casual workers to re-register, the new Dashboard system is now available to new workers for registration.

The majority of the process is online, with a right to work check on campus completing their registration. Once registered, workers can be notified about, express interest in and accept job opportunities online, by email or by text message. So far over 1,500 workers have engaged with the registration process.

Until September, Dashboard will only be used for worker registration and for departments to book casual engagements from September onwards.

Departmental bookings
From 30 May we begin rolling-out booking to departments. This follows a classroom training programme where we've been teaching key department users how to use Dashboard.

Departments will be able to create casual work bookings for September 2019 onwards. You can either assign registered workers directly to bookings, or invite a wider pool of individuals to express interest in the opportunity. Workers can then accept or decline the booking.

The system will only allow workers with a valid right to work to be booked, and only up to the hours allowed by any visa.

What happens between now and September?
Casual work taking place up to the end of August should be arranged and booked using the existing processes — see for details.

If you plan to offer work from 1 September to Tier 4 students, please be aware that you will not be able to book them through the current booking form. Wait until your department has access to Dashboard to make these bookings.

From September
Casual work from September onwards will have to be pre-booked through Dashboard, which will also handle the claim and authorisation process.

Having the booking, claim and authorisation stages all in one system simplifies the whole process, reducing the administrative burden on departments and providing benefits for workers.

Help and information

Need more help?
We now have a dedicated Casual Worker team to support departments.