1. Check that the individual is registered in Dashboard.
  2. All work must be booked in advance. If your worker is not registered and booked before the work is scheduled to take place then they cannot perform the work.
    • Rates of pay: At the time of booking the rate of pay must be selected. Hourly rates for frequently used roles are already in the system. If you can't see an appropriate rate of pay, please complete a new rate request form. We will review your request and create a new rate if appropriate.
  3. Pay the worker
    Timesheets are auto-generated by Dashboard where they can be submitted by workers and authorised by departments.
    • Holiday pay is added automatically at a rate of 12.07%
    • Help for workers on submitting timesheets is available in our Help Centre.
    • Help for departments on approving timesheets is available in our online Dashboard training.


  • Unregistered workers must register in Dashboard and present their right to work documents to HR.
  • Registration does not last indefinitely. If an individual has not been paid for six months and has no future bookings in Dashboard they will be removed from the system. Once removed a worker must re-register and come in for a new right to work check before they can be booked again.
  • Casual engagements must not last for more than 12 weeks. If the engagement is to be extended beyond 12 weeks, it should be a short fixed-term appointment.
  • If you are using graduate teaching assistants (GTAs), make sure you:
  • Payments are subject to pension deductions where relevant criteria are met.