The government has introduced legislation to help people save more for their retirement.

Employers are required to enrol qualifying workers into a workplace pension scheme if they are not already in one.

If you do not qualify for any other scheme, you will be enrolled in The People's Pension. We will automatically enrol you into The People's Pension if you:

  • are aged between 22 and State Pension Age
  • earn more than £833 a month
  • are not already a member of a workplace pension scheme at the University of York

Opting out

Your joiner pack contains details of how to opt out of the scheme. Your pack should arrive within two weeks of your first pension contribution being made. It will be delivered to your home address. You cannot opt out until you have received this pack. It is not possible for you to opt out before making a contribution. Refunds of contributions are only payable where you opt out within one month of the date of your joiner pack being issued.

Rejoining the scheme

You may ask to rejoin The People's Pension after you have opted out by contacting the Pensions Team.
All workers currently eligible for The People's Pension but who have previously opted out will go through automatic enrolment every three years, with 2025 being the next time this will happen. If you have not joined a pension scheme and still meet the criteria at that time, you will automatically be re-enrolled into a pension scheme.