Update on progress as we move towards the launch of our new system

The Casual Worker Compliance Project continues to move towards two key dates:

  • 29 April: go live for casual worker bookings for September 2019 onwards
  • 1 September: go live for worker claims and payroll

In support of this schedule the following activities are taking place:

January—February: All departments have been invited to a briefing or have received a departmental visit from the project team. All departments are expected to participate, with attendees feeding information back to departmental colleagues.

February will also see the project conduct five days of user acceptance testing with project members, departmental staff and students.

In March, we expect to begin a programme of training for departments that will last until the end of May. We'll provide more details about this next month.

If you have any questions, please contact Darren Geary, Project Manager, at darren.geary@york.ac.uk.