YESI's Director contributes to the recent Sustainability Event at Nestle Product Technology Center

News | Posted on Thursday 12 September 2013

YESI Director Sue Hartley recently presented at the Nestle Product Technology Center Sustainability Event. Her talk focused on the present threats to global sustainability, the role of YESI at the University of York and new initiatives like SENsOR.

The Presentation was titled 'What are we doing to our planet and why does it matter?'

Nestle have strong links to the University of York and the company are actively trying to make their company more sustainable and better prepared for the impact of future global changes in ecosystems and food production. Professor Hartley's talked outlined environmental issues which directly involve the places, people and products Nestle work with as well as focusing on more general global threats.

She outlined the importance of new, multi-disciplinary approaches to global problems and the role that innovative institutions like YESI can and will play in future research. She also talked about the creation of SENsOR; Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Oil Palm Research, a project co-ordinated by the Royal Society's South East Asia Rainforest Research Programme which will attempt to lessen the environmental impact of many of the products we consume. 

Her presentation slides can be downloaded for more detail