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Research degree programmes

Policy and guidance

Approval and modification

New research degree programmes (including PhD, MPhil, professional doctorates, MA and MSc by research) need to be approved by the department, and subsequently considered for planning approval (if required, see below) and then for academic approval (always required) by the York Graduate Research School PGR Policies and Programmes Committee (PPPC). 

For research degree programmes that involve a partner (eg industry, a research institute, or another university) please see the information on Approval of PGR programmes delivered in collaboration with others.

Planning approval

For planning approval, you should complete the standard Planning Committee New Programme Pro Forma available from the Planning Office.

Blanket planning approval has been granted for the following variants of existing PGR programmes: (i) distance learning, (ii) 4-year versions of 3-year PhDs (NB ONLY where the 4-year variant is the same as the 3-year variant other than in duration - planning approval is STILL required for 4-year integrated PhDs or 4-year PhDs with a new name and/or which differ from the equivalent 3-year PhD other than with respect to the duration), (iii) off-site or split-site PGR programmes including CITY College PhDs. IN ALL CASES this blanket approval only applies if: (a) there are no additional resource requirements or unplanned costs associated with a variant, (b) the variant is not expected to impact significantly on a department's financial plan, and (iii) in the case of an off-site or split-site PGR programme the proposed partner is not high risk.

Planning approval may be required for other variants of existing PGR programmes: contact your department's DHoF for advice.

PPPC approval

For PPPC approval, you should contact the PGR Academic Quality Officer for advice and submit:

It is expected that programme proposers will have sought advice from the PGR AQ Officer and that the proposal submitted to PPPC will have been informed by that advice.

Papers for PPPC approval should be sent to the PGR AQ Officer at least three weeks in advance of the next PPPC meeting date

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