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Periodic and three-year reviews

Periodic review

The University has ceased to undertake cyclical Periodic Review as part of movement towards a more continuous cycle of monitoring and enhancement activity. However, University Teaching Committee (UTC) may instigate a Periodic Review should there be concerns about quality and standards and the student experience that are not resolved through the Annual Review procedure.

Instigation of a Periodic Review will be approved by the PVC (Teaching, Learning and Students), in consultation with the relevant Associate Dean (Teaching, Learning and Students). The Academic Quality and Development Team will provide schools and departments involved in a Periodic Review with all necessary information, advice and guidance at an early stage to support effective planning and delivery of the Review. 

Previous Periodic Review Reports

As the purpose of periodic review visits is internal review, UTC feels that to make the reports, or quotes from them, publicly available for a different purpose and audience (eg for recruiting students) could potentially distort the aims of reviews and the contents of reports, and subsequently their value as quality enhancement tools.

Three-year review visits

A three-year review visit is an additional level of monitoring for programmes which are seen as higher risk.

The visit focuses on:

  • the student experience
  • quality assurance
  • teaching and learning issues

Following a satisfactory three-year visit, higher risk programmes are usually monitored through the usual departmental monitoring procedures, which will include Annual Review and, if required, Periodic Review.