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Common Issues in Managing Research Council Awards

Element Problem How to Address 
JeS Grant maintenance requests (grant extensions, communications on staffing issues etc) now have to go to council electronically through JeS PI should initiate the request and submit through normal submission process in JeS.
Requesting a change to your Research Council project (MS Word , 458kb)
Staffing Clear trails need to be kept for DI staff working on the grant particularly existing members of staff who are supported on several projects.  Departments need to inform RGO of staff who are working on the grant and any changes. Timesheets for part time DI staff are to be kept.
Ineligible costs General office stationery, postage, computer consumables eg Printer cartridges, memory sticks are deemed ineligible Case for most Councils but check with RGO if unsure.
  Charges for items incurred outside of dates of project Costs can continue to be charged up to 2 months after the project has ended though the costs themselves must relate to the period of the grant.
Equipment  Charges made in the last six months of the grant without permission are ineligible costs PI should submit grant maintenance request through JeS in advance for approval.
  Some Councils require itemisation on final statement – check with RGO Clear descriptions on Agresso
Paper trail to be kept


Coding on Agresso Small consumable items are coded as equipment.  AGRESSO coding needs to be a consumable code if the cost of the item is less than £3k.
Travel costs Travel costs charged without a description of dates travelled or name of person travelling.
Some councils require itemisation of destination, purpose, dates (ESRC/BBSRC)
Dates, name of traveller, destination to be included in description box on claim form going to Payments Office
DA Charges Budgets not being charged in full for departmental DA costs eg. facilities Budget should be divided up over project lifetime and charged monthly
Common Points Running the grant administration

Common errors
Final active grant key points (MS Word , 12kb)‌ 

Budget management  Under/overspends not identified until the end of the grant Budget spend analysis completed and sent to PI and dept admin for information of the final grant year. 
YRAF year to go reminder + Archaeology sample report (PDF , 180kb)