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Welcome to Roots Online, the online programme of Roots to Success, a collaborative project between the University of York, York St John University, University Centre York College and University Centre Askham Bryan, which aims to support you to make informed choices about your future.

Through the online programme you'll explore all aspects of higher education, such as why people choose to study higher education, how teaching and learning at university is different to school, and what being a student looks like aside from learning.

Each month you'll get an insight into a different aspect of university and student life; look at our programme below to see what you can expect to learn over the next few months.

This is your space to find out more about higher education from the York Higher Education partners, and to be part of our community, so use the community chat to interact with others, to ask questions, and to let the team know if you need more information.


Each month we'll release a new topic for you to explore:

March: What is higher education?
April: Studying and learning 
May: Study skills
June: Student life
July: Student finance and budgeting

With something to do, something to read and something to watch or listen to, you will get an insight into different types of higher education and aspects of student life.

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Roots to Success

Roots to Success
+44 (0)1904 324044

Getting started

Before you get started, check out our launch video.

This interactive video will introduce you to Roots Online: what it is, who it is for, and what you can expect over the next few months.

We’ll be focusing on how you can get the most out of Roots Online no matter where you are now or what you want to be in the future. 

What is higher education?

Understand what is meant by the term 'higher education' by exploring the many different qualifications and options available. Consider why people choose to study higher education and the many benefits it can bring.

Studying and Learning

Explore how teaching and learning works in higher education and the understand the differences between teaching styles. 

Study Skills

This study skills section will introduce you to SMART goals and how to implement them to help you when studying, in addition to giving you the opportunity to practice using different revision techniques to help you learn important information. Alongside this, there will also be the opportunity to read about stress related to studying and different coping mechanisms to support you.

Student life

Learn how studying higher education gives you more than just a qualification. Find out about the other opportunities available and start to develop some of the independent living skills you will need to thrive.

Student Finance

Gain an understanding of what Student Finance is, the different loans available and how loans are repayed. Understand what is meant by ‘budgeting’ and learn how current students budget while at university.


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Now that you’ve got a feel for Roots Online, there's plenty you can do to get ready to start:

  • Look at the programme above to get a sense of what will be coming up and make reminders for yourself for our live events.
  • Introduce yourself, ask a question or share your thoughts through our polls in our community chat below.
  • Watch the partner videos below to get to know each of the higher education providers in the city.
  • Look up any new terms or words in the ‘jargon buster’ to understand what they mean in higher education.

Themes will be added to this page over the course of the programme, so keep an eye out for new releases over the next few months!

Meet the partners

Roots to Success is a collaborative project between the University of York, York St John University, University Centre York College and University Centre Askham Bryan. Take a look at the introduction videos below to get to know each of the partners a little better.

University of York

“Teaching at the University of York is done by academics who are experts in their field... it isn’t unusual to be taught by the person who wrote the textbook you’re working or revising from, or see one of your lecturers on the news talking about their research.”

University Centre York College

“We specialise in vocational degree courses, from: Construction, Engineering, Cybersecurity, Film and Theatre make-up, and Education... taught by tutors who have worked in that industry and have industry experience.”

University Centre Askham Bryan

“Quite unlike most universities, we’re very hands-on and practical in what we do. We’re a specialist land-based university... so students are often working in the great outdoors with animals and in nature.”

York St John University

“York St John is one of the fastest growing universities and... staunch supporters of the idea that anyone who has the desire to attend university should be given that opportunity. It is important to us that students enjoy their time with us, and are able to progress on to the career that they choose.”

The Community Chat

Introduce yourself on the Community Chat! Remember to only use your first name and don't share any personal details.

Contact us

Roots to Success

Roots to Success
+44 (0)1904 324044