Leaders in the research, promotion, development and implementation of green and sustainable solutions, the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) offers a proven track record and established reputation in successful industrial R&D.

Leading research

  • Alternative Solvents - industrially focussed research developing safer and more sustainable solvents for a wide range of applications, such as extraction, synthesis, and materials production.
  • Microwave Chemistry - use of microwave technology for the energy efficient valorisation of waste biomass to produce valuable products, such as liquid & solid fuels and chemicals from sustainable sources.
  • Clean Synthesis – Utilising bio-based chemicals and greener synthetic methods to produce sustainable chemicals that meet consumer and legislation requirements, such as solvents, polymers and surfactants.
  • Bio-Based Mesoporous Materials (B2M2) - Conversion of waste biomass to high value materials, and providing new technologies for bio-waste utilisation and developing future biorefinery systems.

Expertise for industry

The GCCE works closely with industry to deliver competitive tailor-made solutions that are more profitable, less wasteful, less damaging to the environment and more socially acceptable. Our clients come from many sectors and range from small manufacturing enterprises through to large corporations at local to international level.

Our Industrial Engagement Facility (IEF) provides dedicated space to visiting industrial partners, including a hot desk area, laboratory space and access to specialist instrumentation.

Training, Education and Networks

The GCCE is instrumental in providing high quality training and educational material across higher education and industry, with internal and external continuous personal development programs including online courses and workshops. We deliver excellence in education and training within an infrastructure that produces top quality and employable MSc and PhD graduates in green and sustainable chemistry.

The GCCE develops core partnerships stemming from public engagement to networking on a global scale. It is the hub for a number of important networks that bring together academics, industrialists and other interested individuals and groups from around the world.

Find out more

The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence website provides additional information about:

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