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Graduate shows he has the aptitude when it comes to entrepreneurship

Posted on 4 February 2016

A graduate from the University of York says he has created the World’s first mobile app dedicated to helping students get on the career ladder.

Charlie Taylor at the Careers Internships Fair

Charlie Taylor, who graduated from the University in 2011 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, created Debut in a bid to address a number of challenges in the student recruitment market.

The app, which is free for students, launched in October 2015 and has already achieved more than 10,000 downloads, with over 40 top companies using the platform in the first few weeks of launch.

The inventor says since its launch, students have already been offered places at top assessment centres and interviews with companies they would never have considered an option.

Debut features the ‘Talent Spot’ where students receive push notifications directly from employers and the app means candidates don’t have to fill out the dreaded application forms and undergo psychometric testing.

Debut also use mobile games as a more engaging way of learning about a company’s culture and opportunities - with students able to secure internships by winning games on the app.

Mr Taylor returned to the University to attend a Careers Internships Fair where he chatted with students.

Mr Taylor said: “We have designed Debut to provide a much-improved, personal and accessible experience that is not a job board on a mobile but offers real insight, direct communication from top employers and real opportunities to help students chose and start their careers early on.”

Mr Taylor was also on hand to give the students some top tips on starting out on their own.

He added: “Lots of people come up with good ideas and are often recognised for this, what often goes unseen is the ability to take an idea and execute it well with constant perseverance.

“This is really where the hard work lies and differentiates those that succeed with those that don’t.”

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