Terry Holmes Composer & Performer Award 

6th Annual Terry Holmes composer/performer award

This is a commission to the value of £3000, to be awarded jointly to a postgraduate composer and performer to collaborate in the creation of a substantial new work for soloist and ensemble, to be premiered in the Concert Series in the 2018 – 19 season. The piece should make use of at least one of the existing departmental ensembles. While attention should be paid to practicalities, proposals will be welcomed which take an innovative approach to instrumentation. Instrumentation, in this case, may be understood to include voices and electronics as well as any available instrumental forces. The piece proposed may also make critical use of a pre-existing source.

Applicants should outline their plan on a single side of A4 paper. The plan should be realistic and include relevant practical details. Plans should be submitted by email to Professor Roger Marsh (roger.marsh@york.ac.uk) by Friday 31 August 2018.

The successful applicants will be notified in late September, and will then be invited to enter into detailed discussion with the Spring Festival committee and relevant representatives of the department ensembles involved, regarding a deadline for delivery of performance material and arrangements for rehearsal. 

  • Previous recipients of this award: James Whittle and Victoria Bernath (2012); James Cave and Chris Mullender (2013), Merit Ariane Stephanos and Morag Galloway (2014), and Patrick John Jones and Jin Hyung Lim (2015), Jia Chai and Karin De Fleyte (2016).
  • Please address enquiries about this award to Professor Roger Marsh (roger.marsh@york.ac.uk)